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Bio-BeltI’ve mentioned the BioMat from time to time on this blog – it is a product that I rep and love!

About a year ago, they introduced a new Bio-Belt product. After conducting research, they found far infrared rays combined with eight gemstones (jade, black tourmaline, topaz, amethyst, crystal, tiger eye, citrine, and elvan) produced a unique, very gentle healing effect. The combination of these eight precious gems is gentler on the body (specifically, the tummy area) than all amethyst in the professional BioMat.

In the clinical experiment with women for a six-month period, they found belly fat decreased using the eight-gemstone Bio-Belt configuration. The main reason we gain belly fat (besides eating too much and consuming the wrong foods!) is organs in the tummy area are cold. When the stomach is cold, our body tries to keep warm by placing a layer of fat to add warmth and protect the organs.

Our bodies (and in this case, stomachs) get cold if our blood circulation decreases. When the body temperature drops, cells aren’t as active and this leads to greater waste accumulation. If the stomach is kept warm, the serotonin level within the body increases, leading to more activity within the body and easier disintegration of fat cells.

Traditional Korean medicine stresses keeping the stomach warm to maintain good circulation and live longer. The Bio-Belt does just that! The eight gentle gems and far infrared rays heat up the tummy area/organs which:

  • Leads to smoother absorption in the stomach
  • Improves circulation, and
  • Increases waste elimination.

It is available in two sizes; click here to order today!