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A Devastating Loss…

women as healers, voices of vibrancy, being of service, emancipate women, empowering women, gifted healers, help heal the world, leaving your legacy, make your dreams come true, making a difference, women’s leadershipRosemary Bilgrien is a dear friend who moved about a year ago from New Richmond, WI (a suburb of St. Paul, MN) to Milwaukee. Rosemary is mentioned in the introduction of the “Women as Healers” book and she has also sponsored me to do several presentations for her community.

On January 26, her son and his family lost everything in a house fire. Miraculously, the family and pets are safe – the house and all of their possessions are gone.  A devastating loss, I ask you to encircle Rosemary and her dear family in light and loving thoughts.

Tami Briggs