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Divine Anointing LogoOne of my all-time favorite gigs was last year at a Divine Anointing event. And I’ll be playing again on December 10th from 1-3 for this event. So, what exactly is this?

“The Gift of Divine Anointing” is a holy oil treatment using 12 oils of ancient Scripture. Beautiful harp music brings vibrations to intensify the healing experience, bringing peace and reverence to the session. It is a sacred time of heartfelt prayer and meditation, profound blessings and insights, inner peace, beauty, love and soul nourishment.


VideoWe are excited to share our video, “The Gift of Christmas Peace” with you to help make your holiday season beautiful and peaceful. We’ve posted it for several years and many request it’s return, so here it is … back by popular demand! Enjoy!!


Happy TGivingLove, love, love the day of gratitude called Thanksgiving in the U.S. culture … and actually, the whole month of November has felt like a season of gratitude. It is truly a time of year to “connect in” to what we are most thankful for … and there’s so much, isn’t there?!

So from Women as Healers, we wish you a lovely day and season of gratitude…


GratitudeThis time of year around Thanksgiving, we love to reflect on all our blessings. We are grateful for so much and here’s just a short list:

  • We love our gigs! So excited to have worked with many, many people over the years.
  • Connecting with our right tribe to network and contribute to global healing (so needed and vital to the world).
  • Sharing healing products (for example: the BioMat) to help people with health challenges and facilitate their healing journeys.

Our hearts are expansive in gratitude!


Holiday ListThis book has been available for several years. We have had awesome feedback from women (and men!) who have received the Women as Healers book as a gift. If you have family and friends who will benefit from the stories of healing women for all over the world, you may order here.


Holidays alreadyWe love this time of year and it’s a good thing because the holidays sure feel like they come quicker every year!

If Women as Healers can be of assistance with your holiday shopping/preparation, please contact us. We would be happy to help and as a first step, you can order the Women as Healers’ book by clicking here.



Pro BioMat Set with New ControllerWe are distributors for this amazing product and each year, we see a boost in our sales when the evenings start cooling off. In the northlands, this has been occurring for awhile! We are happy to connect with you if you’d like more information about the BioMat and/or are ready to order. You can also check out this in-depth website by clicking here.Evening Cooling

To celebrate our 6th Anniversary, we are offering half-price shipping from now to the end of the year. (The BioMat website calculates full shipping prices so to take advantage of our offer, please call us at 952-829-1919.) We look forward to bringing a BioMat to your doorstep – either to your home or office!



Presidential DebateI was recently scrolling down my Facebook feed and this headline appeared:  More Women to Moderate the Presidential Debates. So, once again on this blog site, we aren’t political, but there’s so many interesting things happening in politics at the moment!

Possible women to choose from for the upcoming debates – Rachel Maddow, Christiane Amanpour, Candy Crowley, Erin Burnett, Tamron Hall, Dana Bash … others? Perhaps this is a BGO (blinding glimpse of the obvious!!) but there IS a female presidential candidate (Hillary Clinton) this year and “spreading the moderation duties” between both genders would be appropriate don’t cha’ think?!!

As always, we welcome your thoughts…


Recent Hillary PhotoWe keep saying we’re not political on this blog site … and we’re not!! But, we can’t help notice all that’s happenin’ in U.S. politics these days.

A few years back, I remember a big flack made about Sarah Palin’s clothes and the outlandish amount that she spent on them. I couldn’t help but reflect on this and Hillary’s clothes as I was watching Hillary come back after her pneumonia episode. Within six hours, she wore two different beautiful jackets and I thought about the stunning white outfit she wore to accept the DNC nomination.

This leads to a couple of questions: 1) How much is her clothing budget? 2) Do her clothes help her look presidential? or 3) Are clothes a “shallow” discussion when there’s so many important issues to discuss this election season?

Let us know your thoughts…


First day of school…

Back to schoolThis expression brings up lots of memories and feelings, doesn’t it?! And it’s certainly a time of transition for many people – children, their parents, teens, and even adult learners. It is a “marker” of a new beginning, an opening to the possibilities of creating good things in the upcoming year.

Personally, the children next door are very near and dear to my heart. Today, they enter 2nd and 6th grade … I just got to see them, take photos and wish them well for an awesome year ahead!

I, too, have been going “back to school” during the month of August. I recently completed a certification in a special life coaching technique … I’ll share more in a later post, but for now, Happy Back to Learning Day and here’s to a great year ahead!!


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