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So proud of my mentee!

Nilima RautThree years ago, I mentored a young woman, Nilima Raut, from Nepal in the World Pulse Voices of Our Future program. She and I had a wonderful rhythm working together and a great connection. I had a deep sense that she would be successful with anything she attempted.

One of her biggest challenges was being born a girl … really! And discrimination happened frequently to her, but she continues to follow her dreams and takes up important causes that she believes in. Now, the World of Women (WOW) magazine is featuring her as one of the women to watch in 2014.

I am SO excited for her … and of course, we all need to watch what she accomplishes each step of her journey. I’m sure many are thrilled about Nilima getting recognition by this wonderful magazine … and I’m at the TOP of the list!!

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Pro BioMat Set with New ControllerFor the past 3+ years, that’s exactly what I’ve done … slept on a bed of amethyst!  The product is called the BioMat and it has changed my life in so many ways!!

Amethyst is a very spiritual stone so it has affected my dreams and vision for my life. It has also helped my body – my joints move freely, my back is open and I no longer have cold hands and feel (my overall circulation has dramatically improved).

I love the BioMat … and all the life changes it has manifested. If you’d like more information about this amazing product, click here or email me.

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Ovarian Cancer RibbonI love sharing resources for women on this blog! Today, I introduce you to Janet Kempe who is a long-term cancer survivor. (I met her when I spoke and played the harp at an Ovarian Cancer Survivor’s Day in Atlanta, GA.)

Janet is incredibly passionate about helping cancer patients and their caregivers find unique resources to support their journey from a holistic perspective. She says, “I understand the importance of treating the whole person:  body, mind and spirit. I launched my website, SpotMany.com to expand my reach.” Today, this site is part of the Necessities for the Women We Love program and receives rave reviews from both patients and gynecologists who serve them.

Janet knows … she “gets” the importance of connection at a visceral level. Her personal experience and long-term survivorship is the foundation of her exquisite care from her heart. She offers support, insights and resources to many others on the cancer journey. Click here for more information.

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Your Voice of Vibrancy

The VoiceThe sub-title of the book, Women as Healers is “Voices of Vibrancy.”  As I’ve been watching one of my favorite TV shows “The Voice,” I enjoy all aspects of this show. And one of my favorite parts is the background stories of the vocalists and learning more about them personally.

It seems that several of them have a similar story:  their parents don’t like it that they’re a musician. These young people are steered into a different career path so that they can make money and support themselves. The frequent advice is do anything except sing (finding their voices!), make music and do what their hearts most want to do.

As a writer and musician who is blessed to get to do what I love and what I recognize as my special gifts to the planet, this parental guidance breaks my heart for these young people. Many of them say, “I’m hoping at least one judge will turn their chair around for me so this will legitimize my passion for singing/music to my parents.”

Many of these vocalists are SO talented and have beautiful singing voices. Of course when the judges turn around, I am their biggest cheerleader from my living room!! Follow your heart … follow your bliss … what is your voice of vibrancy wanting to say and share with the world?  The world needs you!

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Happy St Patrick's DayOn Saturday, a dear friend called and said, “I’m taking my daughter and her friend to the mall this afternoon to see an Irish dancing group. Do you want to go?” I jumped at the chance!

There was standing room only as the crowd surrounded the wooden dance floor where the girls performed. And before the performance, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation.

The school owner introduced herself and the dance troupe of Shamrock School of Irish Step Dance from Eagan, MN. They performed flawlessly for 45 minutes … it was a great performance! The girls and one little boy (who almost stole the show!) smiled throughout the performance; it was evident they loved dancing, together. You could feel their deep connection with each other, working together in unity to create a wonderful production.

On this blog, I frequently write about two of my passions:  1) women’s wellness, and 2) women’s empowerment. I saw this performance as a great example of both! Their dancing is great exercise, as these young girls learn to care for themselves and love their bodies. It is also a huge confidence builder to shine in public and be appreciated for such a unique talent.

It made my St. Patrick’s Day special … and I believe many in the audience would say the same!

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Turning 30 …

Well, it was a long time ago!! But, that’s when I started playing the harp. I was in a painful place in my life and gave myself harp lessons for my 30th birthday … really!30th birthday

And then for my 50th birthday, it was time to “birth” the book, Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy. It was truly a labor of love to inspire and empower women all around the world.

I love to share these stories of milestone birthdays when I speak – I’ve had many people come up to me afterwards and say, “You inspired me. I’ve always wanted to __(fill in the blank)___ and even though I’m long-past 30 or 50 or 70, I still want to make my dream come true!”

What do you dream of learning? Regardless of your age, go for it!!

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The Traveling School

The Traveling SchoolThe Traveling School is an all girls, high school study abroad program. In other words, the opportunity of a lifetime!

One of my cousins’ daughters is currently on The Traveling School’s program to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Peru and Bolivia. For girls 15-18 years old, it is a semester of redefining “high school.” The girls’ cross-cultural experiences allow them to explore the world through an innovative and inspiring curriculum.

Started in 2000, The Traveling School brings girls from all over the United States and the world to overseas destinations to learn, interact and exchange ideas. Without any doubt, The Traveling School is preparing the world’s next generation of leaders as they gain insights about the world we live in and begin to learn how to affect broad-based social change. Through inspiring academics, outdoor skill exploration, and authentic involvement with local communities, this program serves as a catalyst for developing well-rounded, globally informed women. What a fabulous experience for my cousin’s daughter!

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Are You Impossible?!

Are You ImpossibleIn the fall, I stayed in Kearney, NE with a dear Aunt. One of the fun things we did together was go to the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA). This quote was at the exhibit entrance:

“I think you are one of the kindest and most affectionate women I ever met, and besides that with intellect and energy – but you are impossible!”                              ~John Butler Yeats; March 8, 1917

The “punch line” isn’t what I expected! Perhaps being impossible is a good thing – full of zest, creativity and being spontaneous.

How are you impossible? Do you like that phrase?!

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A Wonderful Read

I Am MalalaOver the holidays, I took some time to read “I Am Malala.” It is a great read … I couldn’t put it down!! I highly recommend it, especially if you are interested in empowering women and making sure all children have equal opportunities for education. She continues to make a big impact in the world and I don’t know about you, but when I read about young people (she’s 16!) doing such great things with their lives, it motivates me to “getting going!”

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Happy 2014!

Happy 2014The new calendar brings positive energy and excitement … here’s hoping the New Year is full of goodness, joy, abundance and well-being for you and yours.

Tami Briggs

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