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AIMEDThe American Institute for Medical Education (AIMED) is hosting a Women of Resilience conference in Santa Fe, NM, from February 11-14, 2016. As part of this special event, I will be presenting “Women’s Voices of Vibrancy: Stories of Resiliency” based on the Women as Healers book. I have spoken with this conference organization both in Maui and several times in Santa Fe. Come join us!

AIMED was founded in 1982 and has sponsored more than 120 conferences around the world. Their goal is to provide the best quality and most interesting continuing education possible to physicians, social workers, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists. If you are interested in the psychology of artists and the creative process, you are invited to register and attend. Continuing education hours are also available. I look forward to seeing you there!


We’re All Connected!

All ConnectedI’m sure you’ve heard this cliche … but it’s really true!!

While on a flight returning from my parents after the holidays, I was sitting next to the window. Actually the aisle is my favorite, but because there were LOTS of families traveling, I moved twice so parents could sit with their children. When I finally “settled” into my seat, I lowered the tray table to begin working. The guy in front of me moved his arm on and off one of his arm rests. Every time he did that, my table would “jump” … slightly challenging to read or write when my tray table/surface kept moving!! He had no idea this was occurring and I didn’t feel the need to mention it. I just smiled and thought to myself, yet another example of how we’re all connected!


Happy New Year!

2016Perhaps to some people this is just an ordinary day, but we see the New Year as a holiday of new beginnings and a clean slate.

What are you planning to manifest in 2016? Now’s a great time to set intentions, begin anew and start charting out the year ahead. May it be a wonderful 366 days (yes, it’s leap year)!!


Happy Holidays

Holiday PrepWe’re moving into the time when all the holiday preparations have been done and it’s time to ENJOY!

May your holidays be blessed and filled with love, joy and peace.


Final GiftIf you are worried about getting your Christmas shopping finished, we have two suggestions:  1) Breathe … seriously!! and 2) Order the “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy” book. If you order by December 18th, you can be assured for time to wrap it, sign a card and give it to your favorite recipients! Order here and we look forward to putting it in the mail asap for you and your family/friends. Merry Christmas!!



Christmas StockingAre you in need of just one more “stocking stuffer” holiday gift? If so, you are in luck that you landed on this website! We hear frequently from our customers that the Women as Healers book is a great gift and recipients love it!! To order, click here.


We are excited to offer a relaxing holiday gift to you for the season. It is a video called The Gift of Christmas Peace and it features the song “Pachelbel’s Canon/The First Noel” (available on a CD or download). Click here to watch the video or go to our YouTube channel to view. Enjoy … in joy …

Christmas Peace


Happy ThanksgivingWe love the Thanksgiving holiday … do you?! It is always lovely to be in gratitude, surrounded by family and friends, with a wonderful meal to celebrate and of course, a bit of football!!

On this special day, we invite you to experiment with this simple gratitude meditation:

  • Connect with your heart by taking several deep breaths.
  • Smile as you think about everything that is right in your life.
  • Radiate this good energy into the world.

Happy Thanksgiving from our heart to yours …


So thankful for so much!

Happy Thanksgiving

A friend recently sent me this quote:

“She is whole. She is connected. She is love. She radiates with her soul’s musical essence. She has a song inside of her the world longs to hear. She believes in good. She is you, you are her, we are one. She is every woman.”

Love this! And it speaks of deep gratitude for the women in my life, including the 31 women who comprise the “Women as Healers” book. It also connects us to the feminine spirit, wisdom and guidance. I am grateful!


Pro BioMat Set with New ControllerAs the evenings are getting cooler and winter is approaching, it is the time of year to mention the BioMat – a product that I love and rep! It is also a perfect holiday gift for yourself and those you love!

The BioMat is an unusual triad of elements and this chart lists the benefits that go along with each element:

BioMat Element: Health Benefits
Amethyst Detoxification
Infrared Heat Heats from the inside-out and opens up our circulation
Negative Ions Make us feel good!

Of course, the product does so much more, but this is a short, easy-to-digest summary of its powerful healing potential.

Click here for more information.



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