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Are You A Volunteer?

VolunteerThe latest statistics (September 2015) show that almost 22% of men volunteer while 28% of women volunteer. Isn’t that interesting?! Both genders are involved and participating in volunteer actions. The world definitely needs both genders!

So, why are we writing about this on “Women as Healers” blog? Well, women with their innate healing and nurturing skills can be naturals at volunteering, sharing and serving with time, love and expertise. Perhaps this is why the above statistics show more women than men volunteering. It’s all “food for thought” and bottomline, regardless of your gender, if you feel “called” to volunteer, by all means, go for it!



MetamorphosisPlease join us at the Metamorphosis Center in Burnsville, MN, on Thursday evening (August 11th) at 7 p.m. for a “Sound Healing with the Harp” session on the labyrinth.

We will be walking the labyrinth with live harp music and we will also have time to process any insights or learnings, and share our experiences at the end of the evening.

It will be an awesome time together … come join us!


Tami and Barb -- HorizontalBarb Schommer and I are busy putting the finishing touches on our presentation for the Creativity and Madness conference next week in Santa Fe, NM. We will be sharing the newest research on Harp Therapy and Healing Touch at the hospital and hospice bedside.

It is always fun to be with this group and we are very much looking forward to it! Our presentation is August 2nd at 9:30 a.m. and we will be around all week at the conference, exhibiting harp CDs, the Women as Healers book, and the BioMat.

Hope you can join us and if you saw this blog, be sure to mention it when you stop by to say “Hi!!”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am excited to invite you to two different events in two different locations. We hope you will join us for one or both!

Looking very forward…

small sign


Money, money, money!!

dollarOn my other website (MusicalReflections.com), I recently mentioned taking a tapping class. It has been a fun and interesting journey! AND, I’ve also recently completed a Dave Ramsey class called Financial Peace University (FPU). It is quite a powerful combo – between FPU and tapping, it is a game changer!! Perhaps spring and summer times are a great time to learn, grow … and get the financial house in order. It certainly feels awesome!!


spiritual-livingWe are excited to see and share with our readers the newest Special Newsweek Edition titled “Spiritual Living.” It is amazing and awesome to see this. Once Newsweek publishes this, you know it’s gone mainstream!! Wow, what incredible times we live in!!

This website focuses on women doing healing work, so as we are reading the various articles in this publication, we have an eye out for special mentions of women. What are your observations? We look forward to your sharings if/when you read this exciting publication…


Planets in Retrograde…

PlanetsAre you aware of this? Do you know what it means? Can you feel it and/or are you experiencing it?

Many people are talking about this … the planets (four or five of them) are causing all kinds of challenges, specifically with communication.

Having computer problems? Phone challenges? Car issues, especially with the technological/electrical systems? All of these are likely related to planets in retrograde … honestly!

I feel it and so can many others. As I’m in conversation with others, sometimes I’ll mention this and I’m amused how many are aware of this vs. others who think it is hocus pocus!!

Regardless what you believe, the best advice is “Keep breathing!!” because truly, this, too, shall pass … and on some days, not a moment too soon!! In the meantime, here’s to an awesome summer!


The “Woman’s Card”

Hillary ClintonWell, we continue to not endorse any candidate in the U.S. presidential election. However, we can’t help but mention the recent “woman’s card” discussion by one of the male candidates. Really?!!

It’s the year 2016, not 1950!! Haven’t we progressed way beyond that?!! Well, apparently NOT … ugh! Does Trump think he can just say anything without any backlash from Hillary Clinton supporters? Does he not realize we women talk and we vote! Is he really that stupid?

This blog is all about empowering women so you likely haven’t heard the last of this issue. We can only hope that keeping the conversation alive helps break down barriers and catapult us to move forward. Obviously, pay attention … this election season and who we elect is vitally important.


PoliticsWe have been contributing to this blog for many years. And we rarely get political here (or on Facebook either!)

And now, we are getting political because there’s a female candidate running for President of the US of A. Have you noticed?!! Of course, it’s hard NOT to notice, right?!! And especially when another front-runner says, “She pulls the woman card!”

Regardless what you think of Hillary Clinton, it is fascinating to watch her (and all the other women on the campaign trail who are running for office). Is it OK for her to be feminine or is it better for her to be aggressive/more masculine? Can she handle the tough “male issues” like Commander-in-Chief? Can she work across the aisle and nurture the relationships she has with leaders/dignitaries from all around the world (from her past Secretary of State duties)? Can she address our women’s issues without alienating men?

It has been fascinating to watch so far … and it’s not over yet!! As a friend recently said, “It’s just the beginning of May and we have until early November … oh my!!”



Making a difference…

With appreciation“We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily difference we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.” ~Marian Wright Edelman

I recently saw this quote and it reminds me of presenting at a women’s retreat a couple years ago. We were talking about making a difference and one of the attendees raised her hand and said, “I was in a parking lot and felt like I needed to hug a woman who was walking towards me. This is not my norm!! We did embrace. She immediately started crying and then told me she had given birth to a stillborn baby three days earlier.”

This certainly made a lovely difference in both of their lives. In these times of uncertainty, increased violence and fear running amok, this is important to remember that often times it is the small things that make a big difference in people’s lives, isn’t it?!


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