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Total Eclipse

Total EclipseI recognize the total eclipse was several months ago, but I never wrote about my experience on this blog and want to share!

Sometimes, synchronicities happen … and that’s exactly what happened for the total eclipse on August 21, 2017. The state of Nebraska, especially along I-80 (the southern corridor) was projected to experience totality and more than a year before the big day, the entire state began a marketing push to encourage tourists to visit during this energetic time. Since I am originally from Nebraska and one of my dear aunts lives in Kearney, she sent me many articles over the past year giving me information about this major event. As I began scheduling August gigs, I realized I would be keynoting at the Healing Beyond Borders’ conference in Denver the weekend before the Eclipse. Perfect timing to speak at the conference on August 19th (my birthday!), then drive six hours north to my aunt’s house in Kearney on August 20th, arriving just in time to experience a total eclipse the next day!

The morning of the 21st, my aunt and I made breakfast, went for a walk, prepared for the eclipse and went out to lunch. It was a beautiful warm day with clear skies and we chose to sit on her back deck that overlooked a large expansive common area. Shortly after noon, we began looking at the sun through our special glasses; totality was to occur at 12:52 for one minute and 45 seconds. And as we looked around the community, we saw numerous people sitting outside doing the same thing – all gazing up at the sun. When the big moment of totality occurred, the entire community started cheering! It was a really cool experience watching this with my 88-year-old aunt in the privacy of her home, yet also feeling like we were all in community, too!

Once totality occurred, it was safe to look directly at the sun and that is when I took the photo above. I won’t forget the beautiful, sparkling aura of the sun on that very special day. Wow, what an awesome experience!


Happy New Year!

Happy New YearAfter the “blitz” and “pedal to the metal” month of December, New Year’s is a welcome celebration – without all the work, right?!!

It is definitely a holiday to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the upcoming year of 2018. What’s on your list of intentions?

Also, we always select a word for the year … last year’s theme/word was service; the year before was grace. We loved being of service in 2017 in so many ways! And our word for 2018 is gratitude. We will keep you aprised of how this unfolds throughout the year…

Happy New Year from Women as Healers!


Happy HolidaysFor women (and some men, too!) the month of December is an extremely busy time – besides already full schedules, there’s shopping, extra cooking/baking, decorating, wrapping gifts, partying/celebrating, sending holiday cards, etc.

After all the busy-ness (and sometimes craziness!), it is so important for us to pause, breathe, rest and “take in” the joys of the season. We are wishing you many wonderful moments throughout the holidays…


Happy Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingWe love the Thanksgiving holiday (Nov. 23) and actually, it seems to expand into whole month of November, doesn’t it?! Do you also love this month of gratitude? What are you most grateful for?

As we reflect on “women as healers,” we have several things on our gratitude list:

  • Our gigs that are inspirational and empowering to women (and men who love women!)
  • Women’s voices who are persistent and speaking the truth.
  • Worldwide support of moving women’s issues and equality forward.
  • Contributing to global healing by networking, connecting and deepening relationships (absolutely vital to the world these days).

From Women as Healers, we wish you peace and blessings this Thanksgiving “season.”


Make a DifferenceThis blog post is about sharing some of our observations about the current political “leadership.” Are you “on board” with the changing policies, the release of long-standing relationships (eg., NATO, NAFTA, etc.), hyperbolic and inflammatory statements, shifting values and principles, etc. with this current Administration?

For many of us, it has been very challenging to watch, observe and see how it impacts many people – whether it’s immigrants, disabled, seniors and elders, scientists, Mother Earth lovers, diverse and “fringe” groups, etc.

Energetically, it feels so unsettling to watch and experience the dismantling of these many systems and yet, we’ve also been seeing something very powerful. Despite all the craziness, we are carrying on with our healing. We have important work; we are persisting and continuing to do what we all know is right and appropriate. This is happening in spite of the “leadership” modeling something entirely different – falsehoods, unethical choices, lacking integrity, caring only for himself and a few nepotistic relationships and his cronies, etc.

We believe there are many more of us holding space for love, light, integrity and ethical decisions. The truth will prevail and so will high vibrations. It reminds us of what happened after 9/11 … we started connecting, and paying attention to each other, looking around us and staying alert/vigilant.

Humanity is strong and resilient. We are not interested in going backwards and we are ever more mindful of all the good work we will continue to do. We are awakening … carry on!


Self CareDo you agree these are absolutely crazy political times?! Regardless which side of the aisle you are on, the craziness right now is unmatched, isn’t it?!

How will all the drama end? When will it end? As they say, stay tuned!!

In the meantime, we often write about self-care and perhaps there’s never been a more important time for women (and men!) to care for ourselves than now. And what ways of self-care nurture your feminine (and masculine) spirit? What do you find helpful during these tumultuous times – walking in nature, exercising, breathing, laying on the BioMat, meditating, listening to harp music, talking to friends, eating nutritious food, and on and on the list may go. What are your favorite self-care tools to care for your heart? Regardless what works for you, just be sure to do it … especially now!


Same Goal?

GoalAre we all working on the same goal? This question has been relevant for the past several years while I have served on my townhouse Board of Directors. Managing 28 homes is never dull!! In fact, as a Board and community, we frequently ask how we can make sure we’re all moving in a forward direction … all connected to the same goal (to maintain and uphold our property values).

As the leadership for our residents, we’ve noticed that some projects are bigger “hot buttons” for some residents than others and even though we all have different approaches and ways of accomplishing the same things, our similarities connect us:  we love our property and we are grateful to live in such beauty. The bottomline is we allow for different ideas – all with the same end results in mind. When this connection between our similarities and differences happens, we are a powerful community!


American FlagWe recently had the book, our harp CDs and the BioMat at a Women Veterans Initiative event. It was really nice to connect with so many women who have served our great country.

One woman commented there were only two Marines at the event and she said it’s because there’s not very many female Marines. But she continued that she’d recently heard someone high up in the Marines organization comment that they need to be more open to women and encouraging women to join. Why? Because when the women are in Afghanistan and Iraq, they are going into the villages and connecting with the women and children, connecting into the community. He went on to say this “boots on the ground” approach is a critical way to obtain cultural information and build relationships. This sure sounds like creating world peace to me … bring it on!!


Women Rock Project

Women Rock ProjectWomen Rock Project™ offers a large library of videos of women from around the world. The video goals are to inspire, educate and motivate, as well as share wisdom and personal revelations from women who are living passionate lives. Based on the individual women’s own life experiences, they share insights and secrets with a mission to help change the world.

The founder and director of WomenRockProject.com is Sherry Brier, a 30-year entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring women to open new businesses, follow their dreams and reach their highest potential. She say, “My personal mission is to be a light in the world for women around the globe.”

If you are interested in my profile on WomenRockProject.com, go to this link:  http://womenrockproject.com/tami-briggs-therapeutic-harpist-national-speaker-composer-recording-artist/.


Arrival of New Energy!

far_infrared_biomatI was on a webinar on January 15, 2017, and the lightworker who hosted the session talked about the arrival of new energy. Have you heard about this? It’s been an interesting few months of intense energies to say the least! And then there was last night’s full moon – one of the most intense in several years.

As we have an opportunity to process this, we feel strongly that it’s about releasing and allowing women who are being called forward to play a big role these days (probably more than ever before). Lots of very interesting ideas and thoughts are being ushered in by lightworkers around the globe – all with the foundation of love. Just an example: did you see Sally Yates testify? WOW!

The lightworker community is working so hard on the planet’s behalf. Are you one of these lightworkers? You are invited to join in this very important, special time of new energy and love abounding…


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