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AlphayFrom time to time, on this blog, I post something about the BioMat – a product that I rep. I love the product and all the benefits it provides for those who purchase/use it. For the past couple years, I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for a complementary product line to the BioMat and I’m excited to say I found it!!

The company is Alphay and they have product lines in four areas:

  • Eco-functional bedding – it is the linens infused with infrared and negative ions that first got my attention! As I’ve learned more about the bedding, the linens are organic cotton and include chitin and white bamboo charcoal fibers with anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-mold properties. So now, it’s truly possible to sleep in heaven every night! Laying on the BioMat and covered with Alphay’s signature bedding is pure bliss of sweet dreams!!
  • Magnetic synergy – gem soles use tourmaline and magnetics to balance and rejuvenate the body, adding comfort, support and energy.
  • Nutritional supplements – Alphay combines organically grown Lingzhi – a one-of-a-kind mushroom revered in traditional Chinese medicine and proven beneficial through modern research – with other natural elements working together to help bring balance essential to optimal health.
  • Café blends – coffee, lattes and tea are infused with organic Lingzhi and bring rich flavors and aromatic blends that are healthy, as well as delicious.

Alphay is a 50-year old, billion dollar, debt-free company excelling in four areas:

  • Products – high quality line, including consumables (nutritional supplements) and three other industries (coffee/beverages, anti-aging and health/wellness).
  • CEO leadership – Mr. Hui Chen is a world business servant-leader and a model for “success through integrity,” as well as a paragon of visionary thinking.
  • Distributor training – committed to providing the best support to help distributors expand their businesses through training, classes, meetings and career-development conferences.
  • Compensation plan – Powered by Heart™, it is a simple and duplicable plan that empowers and leverages individual distributors, and combines the most powerful daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly income streams.

The company is actively seeking distributors who resonate with its overall philosophy and vision; this website has more information: joinalphay.com/tamibriggs. Let me know if you’d like more information and I look forward to connecting…


An Electric Car or Not?!

Electric CarI have some friends in Kansas City who are very environmentally friendly. They are always researching new ideas to leave less and less of a carbon footprint. Purchasing an electric car was part of their eco-friendly choices and they have had fun experimenting with it. They plan to transport it to FL for the winter and are excited because FL is fairly flat and it will be a good “errands” car.

In sharing this story with me, they told me they tried to sell it to a local hospital in Kansas City. The administrator was looking for a car to drive around the parking lots for security purposes and my friends knew their electric car would be the perfect fit. The security guards could drive around all day not using a single gallon of gasoline … just think of the money the hospital could save! Did they decide to purchase it? Nope – because the guys didn’t think it would look “right” to drive a car that wasn’t using gas. Wow … think we’re oil dependent? Makes me want to go buy an electric car!!



Calm as the NightWomen as Healers’ parent company, Musical Reflections, recently completed an exciting project of adding video to its sleep CD called “Calm as the Night.” After receiving many requests to add video, it is finished and ready to be licensed/broadcasted in healthcare facilities across the country!

Please use the contact form below to let us know if you are interested in reviewing a DVD demo. Looking forward to working together to help hospital and hospice patients deeply relax and sleep … sweet dreams!


Miracles Mastermind

MiracleI am in a Miracles Mastermind group. We made a 90-day commitment and every member in our group has had wonderful things happen! So, we decided to make another 90-day commitment … I’m in!!

It is fascinating to watch our progress and honestly, it’s not without some bumps. What’s powerful, though, is having a community around each of us to navigate through the rough waters. Further, our dreams keep getting bigger (and sometimes more uncomfortable) … and we are manifesting because of our strong intentions and our daily meditations for ourselves and each other. It has been, and continues to be, a very powerful experience!

We are all women in this group. Does that matter? I believe it does! We are each in a healing role with varied backgrounds, interests and lifestyles, yet we have a commonality of understanding, group process and ideas of how to move forward. It is an honor to be with them and I am excited to see what transpires next for each member!

At some point, each of the core members will be starting our own Miracles Mastermind group. Private message me if you are interested in participating. And stay tuned for a report on the next round of miracles occurring …!!


Love&Light.jpgWe are excited to let you know about a new product that our parent company, Musical Reflections, is introducing called “Angelic Vibrations.” It is an MP3 player pre-loaded with four hours of Tami Briggs’ therapeutic harp music. It is the size of credit card (!) and comes with ear buds, a charger and a small carrying case. Click here for more information and to order … we know you’re gonna love this new product!!



I-Am-MalalaFrom time to time, I’ve written about Malala Yousafazi, the youngest-ever Nobel Peace prize winner. She’s such an inspiration and definitely a healing woman!

She recently celebrated her 18th birthday and she honored the world by opening a school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon’s Bekan Valley (near Syria’s border).

Serving more than 200 Syrian girls, ages 14-18, Malala says, “I am honored to mark my 18th birthday with the brave and inspiring girls of Syria. I am here on behalf of the 28 million children who are kept from the classroom because of armed conflict. Their courage and dedication to continue their schooling in difficult conditions inspires people around the world and it is our duty to stand by them. On this day, I have a message for the leaders of this country, this region and the world — you are failing the Syrian people, especially Syria’s children. This is a heartbreaking tragedy — the world’s worst refugee crisis in decades.”

And here’s what she says about turning 18: “My life of being a child will come to an end. But I vow to continue to fight for the rights of children. I think there’s no limit of age … to speak of children’s rights. My father has been doing it as a teacher and I will continue to do it as a woman. As an adult, you can be the voice of children.”

What were you doing when you turned 18? I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t a world-class activist or opening schools for refugee girls in the most troubled spot in the world. How inspiring to stay updated on this truly amazing young lady…


Girl Power!!

GirlfriendsRecently, I was watching a TV show called “My Kid Would Never Do That….” It was the first time I’d watched and I saw something fascinating that I believe is worthy of sharing on this blog.

The set-up was actors playing various roles + male and female teens to react and respond to various situations with the parents observing their teens’ behavior. The monitor, Natalie Morales of NBC, also interviewed the parents and a common response was “My child is very responsible, knows right from wrong and takes appropriate action when necessary, etc.”

For this particular episode, the issue was centered on taking advantage of women (especially when alcohol is involved) and date rape. (Perhaps this topic was chosen because of the recent escalated accountability college campuses across the country are feeling about this issue.)

What I observed was both the boys and girls reacted in appropriate ways to some of the awful situations they were being placed in. However, while you could see in the boys’ eyes that many knew they should respond, many of them snickered, were nervous and frozen into complacency, not taking any action. It was the GIRLS who spoke up and took action! I think this is called Girl Power!! I found it comforting to watch these girls “have each others’ backs!” with special meaning to you go girl!!


My Dad’s Caregivers

Tribe or movement of people & contd supportLast summer, my Dad decided it was time for him to have some help dressing and undressing, and showering in the evening. It has taken several months to get the right “team” of helpers/caregivers.

I’ve now met all of them … and they are a WONDERFUL group of women! These women are all about service – humble, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. They also treat my Dad so special! They add such high quality to his life. I am filled with gratitude for each of them … it gives new meaning to “women as healers!”


Interesting quote!

Peace Corps LogoI saw this quote by Carrie Hessler-Radelet, director of Peace Corps, in a recent Reader’s Digest magazine:  There are 12 presidents in Africa who credit a Peace Corps volunteer with starting them on the path to their presidency.” Wow … isn’t that amazing?!

I’ve always thought it would be an exciting adventure to be a Peace Corps representative … and now after reading this, it’s a tremendous opportunity to make a difference/impact lives.

My desire to go on Peace Corps started right after I graduated with my undergraduate degree. Shortly after finishing college, I was an International Four-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) program representative on a six-month assignment and my host country was Switzerland. It was a unique experience because we lived with host families and worked/played/experienced “real life” right alongside of them. It was a cultural immersion – language, customs, mores and values; really a life-changing experience for me! And it certainly piqued my interest in international relations. Upon returning, Peace Corps was “on my radar” but it wasn’t the right time since I needed to settle back into the U.S. culture and work.

Life happens … all these years later, I’m still asking:  Should I apply for a Peace Corps adventure and if so, when? Reading this quote has brought it to the forefront again! In the meantime, may the Peace Corps volunteers continue blessing those they touch and making a huge impact. The world can certainly use peace-loving leadership and presidencies for every nation. A dream started by President Kennedy all those years ago, it’s a lesson in dreaming, creating and manifesting peace, harmony and goodwill around the globe.

Any other “closet” Peace Corps folks, besides me?! When are we going to go? Definitely worth contemplating…


BioMatInc Web ImageAs I’ve posted here before, I am a distributor of a product that I love called the BioMat. I am excited to announce a new website:  www.BioMatInc.com. It is always a fun, creative process to write, develop and design new websites. This one was no exception! We are envisioning it to be a beautiful portal sharing information about this amazing product and facilitating ordering for thousands of customers. Check it out and let us know what you think!



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